Club Newsletter 20

Last Week

Monday’s Focus Group meeting had to be cancelled because Will was unable to make it back to Andover due to a traffic incident on the A34. On Thursday we had an exceptionally good, creative team competition which produced some very odd images and revealed some mild S&M tendencies amongst our number. Scoring was done by voting between two images until finally a winner was chosen. The final 4 images are reproduced at the end of the newsletter.

Next Week

On Thursday 20 February we have Matthew Emmett as a guest speaker. He is a very accomplished photographer who has published a book “Forgotten Heritage Photography” which looks great.  His website is

If you are thinking of not attending, take a look at the links provided below and I think you will see that this is going to be very special.

A link to the book on Amazon is you can see some images from the book.

He also had an interview published by my Modern Met with several images:

He won the first Historic Photographer of the Year Award 2017.

He won Architectural Photographer of the Year 2016:

You are very welcome to bring a guest free of charge

Coming Soon

On 27 February we are hosting the SCPF Print League. If you plan to enter the AV competition later in the season, please do not leave it until the last minute to start work on it. AV presentations are time consuming to put together, but very rewarding.

SCPF Championship

Thanks to all the members who have offered up images for the Championship.

Technique Tip

Slawek Staszczuk is a UK based landscape and cityscape photographer who has captured some wonderful images. The article linked below explains why he uses the settings he does and it provides several images and details of the settings he used. I do not do much landscape photography and found his article very interesting and informative, I hope you do too.

Non-APC Photo Opportunities

The Willis Museum in Basingstoke has an exhibition of micro photography.


The startling photography of Levon Biss reveals the astonishing and stunning detailed form of insects with breathtaking clarity. The images, created in collaboration with Oxford University Museum of Natural History, present insect specimens as never before, using large-format photographic prints to expose their beauty at microscopic levels. Combining art with science, visitors can view the images up close and discover more about these fascinating creatures through their shape, colour and sculptural forms.

Top 4 Images from Last Thursday

(Click on the image for a larger version)



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