Covid-19 Update 16/3/2020

I much regret that after careful consideration and consultation with others, I have decided that the club must cancel meetings for at least one month, and most likely until next season. Those members of the committee that I have been able to contact today have been unanimous in their agreement. The committee will review the decision before this time next month. This decision has not been taken lightly, but you are all aware of the health crisis has started and is projected to get much worse in the coming weeks. Many of our members are in the at risk group, and many of us not in it have caring responsibilities for those who are.

Although we will not have the meetings, I hope that we can keep active and in the meantime we will work on what we can do. It is our aim to run the 4th bi-monthly, and the annual PDI competition if we can. As you know my computing expertise is somewhat limited, so I will have to rely on others to make it happen if possible. So, please prepare images for those competitions and we will be in touch about the details.

Steve Govan

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