Club Newsletter 27 (05 Apr 2020)

Last Week

The Covid-19 virus continues to impact on our programme, but on Thursday we had the 4th Bi-monthly which was shared using Zoom, and judged by Chris Whiting. It was a great success, with over 40 images being shown and judged. Chris is an experienced judge, who has been to the club many times. There were some superb images and those scoring 10 are reproduced at the end of the newsletter.

This being the last of the bi-monthly competitions we have a clear winner, so congratulations to Gavin who came top.

Next Week

On Thursday 9 April we have booked John Gravett to present to us, via Zoom, in lieu of Prints versus Paintings. John runs Lakeland Photographic Holidays, with his wife and has been an inspirational workshop leader, and author. His work can be seen on a number of sites such as and

Coming Soon

We are exploring options for the rest of the season. There are a couple of speakers under consideration and we plan to hold some informal competitions. Please do your best to support the club by entering the competitions and taking part in any activities that we programme.

The first of these is Portrait: this can be a self-portrait, a human portrait or an animal portrait. The only stipulations are that it must have been taken since the lockdown, and it must not have been entered into a bi-monthly competition. Each member may enter up to 3 images. John Randall will judge the images, and will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd places and a few Highly Commended. The images can then be entered in future bi-monthly competitions. There is a change to the way we will organise these informal competitions. For the portrait competition please submit your entries to the following dropbox:

When asked for your name, please enter your full name (If everyone just enters their first name, it gets complicated sorting out which Steve is matched to which image). The image filename, must be just the image name, do not include your name. Images must be submitted by midnight on Sunday 12 April. Which gives you a whole week to get some images.

On 23 April, we are planning to have a Timed Exposure session. We will call for bids for slots in advance. This activity is an opportunity to share some of your images, perhaps a small number which you want to talk about, or as an AV. Alternatively, you can simply talk to the club about any aspect of photography that you want to share – a technique, some locations, recommendations for YouTube presenters that you find useful, or a talk on a photographer that you admire. When it is your turn to give your input, Will will make you a co-presenter. So please put your thinking caps on and contribute to the evening.

Yet to be programmed, but we intend to have another informal competition, later in the season to capture Flowers/Plants/Gardens. Again, the images must have been captured after the lockdown started.

Technique Tip Slanted Lens 5 Basic Lighting setups for Portraits

Photos Scoring 10 During Thursday’s 4th Bi-Monthly Competition

Coffee Shop Candid
by Chris Talbot

New Forest Pony
by Gavin Fisher
Old Man’s Beard
by Mike Tozeree
by Linda Gates
Thistlegorm Stern
by Will Delves
In-Flight Broad Bodied Chaser
by Steve Govan

Final results from the Bi-Monthly Competitions

Members’ Images

Thank you Steve Fox for your sharing your stunning water droplet images.



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