Club Newsletter 26 (29 Mar 2020)

Last Week

On Thursday Will Delves delivered his presentation “From 110 to Landscape Photography”, using an online meeting programme called Zoom. Once a technical issue had been resolved the software worked very well indeed and the 20 plus remote viewers enjoyed the talk very much indeed. Some images from Will’s talk are at the end of the newsletter. It does bode well for the rest of the season, in that we should be able to run the competitions.

Will’s talk was recorded and we plan to make it available for members to watch at their leisure.

Next Week

On Thursday we are running the 4th bi-monthly competition as a PDI only competition. We will use the Zoom programme and you should be able to join the meeting and hear the judge’s comments and see the images. As at 18.00 hours we had received 36 entries.

I mentioned that we are also looking into running weekly themed photographic competitions which would involve subjects that can be done indoors. I asked for members to let me know if they were interested and whether they would prefer to use Facebook or Flickr. I received only one more response and have had to conclude that there is not sufficient support for it to be worthwhile. Shame, it might have been fun.

Coming Soon

We have booked John Gravett to present to us, via Zoom, on Thursday 9 April, in lieu of Prints versus Paintings. John runs Lakeland Photographic Holidays, with his wife and has been an inspirational workshop leader, and author. His work can be seen on a number of sites such as and

Technique Tip

How to remove white or black fringes using photoshop:

Covid 19

It is not my intention to flood you with more Covid 19 information on a weekly basis, but if you want a clear, well-illustrated explanation of what is meant by flattening the curve, have a look at this:

Photos From Thursday’s Talk by Will Delves

Starting with some diving photos. Here is an anemone fish (more commonly known as clown fish, or now ‘Nemos’). This was taken in the Lembeh Straights in Indonesia back in 2010).

To show how amazing the diving off the UK can be, here is one from the Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast. At the right time of year the seals can be very playful, earning them the nickname the dogs of the sea.

By the end of my time diving (which I had to give up for health reasons), I had finally got to the point where I was taking images of wrecks I was happy with. Here is the final image from the first half of the presentation. It is the Stern of the Thistlegorm which went down in 1941 while at anchor in the Gulf of Suez.

This was taken on the workshop I did with Bruce Percy ( in Harris back in 2012. He taught me a lot about composition and the simplification of images. This image was taken on the beach at Scarasta late in the evening. Before this I had never thought about using small lines in the sand as leading lines.

Taken in the Lakes a couple of years ago. It was a wonderful misty start to the day and I had made my way to Hawes End Jetty on the West side of Derwentwater. It was one of the most amazing photography couple of hours I’ve ever had, as the light slowly changes from soft blue in the early mist through to a glorious golden diffused light with a pale sun shining through. It was made even better a lone kayak gliding through the flat calm water, with the small wake creating a link between them and Otterbield Island.

And finally, on from coast just North of the Lake District looking out to the Solway Firth and Scotland in the background. I can spend hours taking coastal pictures, creating compositions using the streams of water emptying from the beach to provide leading lines.

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