Club Newsletter 23 (8 Mar 2020)

Last Week

On Monday we competed for the W Fry trophy against Oakley and Farnborough (who have won the trophy most years). This time we were successful, winning by a single point. The panel was taken to the club on Thursday and those present were able to see it. It is the same panel being entered for the SCPF Championship later in the month. An image of the panel can be seen on the club website, under News.

On Wednesday, Linda achieved the LRPS distinction, so congratulations to her. Linda has agreed to bring her successful panel in to the club on Thursday.

On Thursday we had the AV competition which featured presentations from Andover to the United States, via Iceland and France. It was very enjoyable and closely contested. In the end four photographers came joint 3rd, Chaz with Marders Yard, Mike Tozer with Champions, Steve Amey with Fire and Light and Gavin with Iceland. Will was 2nd with Parks of The American West and Steve Govan was 1st with Oradour. John was the judge and as always had some good points to put across.

Next Week

Monday 9 March we have the next committee meeting.

Thursday 12 March, I will give a presentation featuring some of the images I have taken over the years. The presentation will be a blend of travel photos and documentary images. There will be images from Africa, Hong Kong and the far east, particularly Thailand.

Coming Soon

Thursday 19 March we have Andrew Mills giving a presentation “My Version of Street Photography and Shots Taken in Japan”. Andrew Mills gave us a fantastic talk last season entitled “What Makes a perfect Photograph”. We have invited him back to give us his version of Street Photography together with a glimpse from his visit to Japan. Note: Andrew is judging the mono competition on 10th October. (

Bring a guest

Technique Tip

In Lightroom, when using the crop overlay tool you are normally presented with the “Rule of Thirds” grid overlaying your image. Very useful, but if you want to see other overlays as an aid to composition pressing the (letter) ‘o’ key will cycle through others such as the Golden Ratio, Triangles, Diagonals and the Golden Spiral.

Thanks to Steve Davis for this one. Club members who remember Sandy Wilson, a long standing and much respected friend of ours who died a couple of years ago, will remember Sandy’s regard for the Canadian photographer and teacher Freeman Patterson. On several club nights across several years Sandy – in showing his own images – paid tribute to the influence of Patterson on his own creativity. A first and brief dip into Patterson’s work will have us think of him as simply a “nature photographer”. However, a longer linger in one of the many web sites out there about him and by him will discover that Patterson is as much interested in creativity and the spirit that shapes a photographer’s vision and style, in ways of looking and seeing the world, as he is in the techniques and technologies that transform ideas into photographs.

A google search will link us to a myriad of sites, but try out these three, the first and second of which are “old-school” in their manner but none the poorer for that:

Please also note that there are a number of essays written by Sandy now available on the club website under the heading ‘About the Club’, and a link is provided under the News.  Or here.

Non-APC Photo Opportunities

(Covid-19 permitting) The Photography Show will be held in the NEC 14-17 March. These shows provide great opportunities to see new equipment and to attend talks and demos given by some of the best (including Sebastao Salgado). If you have not bought your ticket yet there are many sources of discount codes, but please consider using the code “PAGBTPS20” which will give a discount of 20%.

I was not aware of PAGB enews but it is a showcase for some of the best photographs in the organisation. It can be seen at:

The Willis Museum in Basingstoke has an exhibition of micro photography. I have yet to see it, but plan to do so before it closes in April. Details at:

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