AGM Minutes, 26 May 2022

Andover Photographic Club AGM Minutes

Conducted At Enham Alamien Club, Enham

Thursday 26th May 2022

  1. Apologies
    • None
  2. Minutes of previous AGM held 27-5-2021
    • Proposer: Chaz Clark
    • Seconder: Gavin Fisher
  3. Matters arising
    • None
  4. Chairpersons report
    • Steve started by thanking everyone for attending and that it had been a hard few years but we had come through it and in some ways benefited by zoom had speakers from farther afield
    • He thanked the committee and especially: Esther for a brilliant programme; Will for the technical side to keep us going; and Linda for keeping the competitions going.
    • We will meet at the Royal Oak during the summer and hope to get out and about.
    • The good news is that next season we should be able to meet at Enham again.
    • Melanie thanked Steve for the weekly newsletter.
  5. Treasurers report
    • Barry said that funds had taken a dip over the last year but membership seems to be steady at 34.
    • Annual subs will be £30 with weekly still £4.
    • lf members could pay annual fee by bank transfer it would be big help.
    • He presented the members with an audited balance sheet of the accounts – he thanked Suzanne for this
  6. Competition secretary’s report
    • John started by saying we had a successful exhibition at the museum although we did have a bit of a hiccup which nearly lost us future ones but managed to smooth it over with louis.
    • We lost the mix and match at Oakley – my excuse is spent more time trying to put up images because of Zoom.
    • Lost the W Fry trophy which Oakley won for the first time in 10 years.
    • We came 3rd in the Newbury challenge, missing out by 0.5 for second and 1 point for first.
    • In SCPF we came 7 out of 8 in the PDIs but next year prints are back.
  7. PDI secretary’s report
    • Linda took us through the SCPF league which at the end of the season saw us drop a league but we can now start using prints again so have a chance of progressing in both fields.
    • Competitions have progressed well during the year and have been well supported.
  8. Secretary’s report
    • John announced that he will be stepping down from his roles with the committee as next year he will have been doing it for 40 years.
    • Although he is resigning, he will still play an active roll in the club in a non official way – clubs exhibitions judging competitions etc.
    • He said the main posts are secretary / competition and print secretary.  Graham has volunteered to do secretary’s job and Linda said she would take over as competition and print secretary which is an extension of what she does now so brilliantly now as PDI secretary.
  9. Programme secretary’s report
    • Esther said that she was pleased how the programme has gone considering it was done over Zoom but we could have more varied speakers from further afield.
    • She said that she has found two or three Judges.
    • The new programme was then read out and discussed with members,
  10. SCPF representatives
    • Suzanne Webber brought up about judges bad remarks; he said they had been reported to SCPF
  11. Election of officers
    • As table below
  12. Committee members
    • As table below
  13. Awards presentation
    • Awards were presented as follows:
    • 2019/2020 season
      • PDI of the year: Chris Talbot
      • Print of the year: Gavin Fisher
      • League winner: Gavin Fisher
      • Sandy Wilson award: John Randall
    • 2020/2021 season
      • PDI of the year: Linda Gates
      • Print of the year: Not run due to lockdown
      • League winner: Mike Tozer
      • Sandy Wilson award: Linda Gates
    • 2021/2022 season
      • PDI of the year: Linda Gates
      • Print of the year: Not run due to lockdown
      • League winner: Gavin Fisher
      • Sandy Wilson award: Will Delves
  14. Any other business
    • None
  15. Date and time of next AGM
    • 25th May 2023, 7.30pm

Elected committee

PresidentWill DelvesChris TalbotSteve Hunter
ChairpersonSteve GovanWill DelvesLinda Gates
Vice ChairpersonGraham WaltersChris TalbotSteve Hunter
TreasurerBarry RodkerChris TalbotSteve Amey
Competition sec.John RandallLinda GatesSteve Govan
PDI sec.Linda GatesSteve GovanBarry Rodker
SecretaryJohn RandallSteve GovanLinda Gates
Programme sec.Esther GallimoreSteve GovanSteve Amey
SCPF repsGraham Walters
Gavin Fisher
Chris Talbot
Chris Talbot
Barry Rodker
Barry Rodker
Public relationsChaz Clarke
Steve Govan
Linda Price
Linda Price
Gavin Fisher
Gavin Fisher
Committee membersChristina Marsh
Chaz Clark
Steve Davies
Gavin Fisher
David Corcoran
Development officersLinda Gates
Steve Fox
Will Delves
Chaz Clark
Chris Talbot

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APC Secretary
Christina Marsh


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