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We are a lively and thriving club supporting photographers of all levels from beginner to expert who all share a passion of creating wonderful images.

The club has been known as "Andover Split Image Photographic Society" or ASIPS for some 35 years. Many of our new members would be puzzled by the term "Split Image" so in 2014 it was decided to bring matters up to date and re-identify the club as simply "Andover Photographic Club".

The aim of the club is to provide a friendly and stimulating environment to encourage photographers of all levels of ability to enjoy what they do and to support them in acquiring new skills. We support film and embrace the digital age.

Each year’s programme of events includes skill learning sessions in colour, monochrome and digital photography with talks and demonstrations from visiting professionals.

Many of our members draw their enjoyment solely from the wide range of speakers and seeing the work of others. For those who wish to submit their work for assessment the society provides a wide range of club and interclub competitions.  We also run a programme of practical learning and hands-on sessions.

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Recent Facebook Activity

Andy Hellyer

Ian Woodcock
Dawning over Essex coast by iPhone through aeroplane window.
Steven Musgrove
Another Stonehenge but this one off my camera.
Chaz Clark
Great light in parts of the New Forest today
Steven Fox

Chaz Clark
These are a few of the differing types of Deer which we came across at Bolderwood then Burley in the New Forest today.
Chris Talbot
Salisbury Cathedral #3
Kate Clark

Kate Clark
These are some photos that I took today down in the New Forest
Steve Amey
Abandoned hardware on Salisbury Plain.
Steven Fox

Steven Musgrove
Took advantage of a nice sunset
Steve Amey
It must be true Chris as I saw the same aliens in Bristol.
Steve Amey
More reflections from Bristol
Andy Hellyer

Andy Hellyer
From Thursdays abstract evening
Chris Talbot
The Aliens Are Coming - I could not help but notice how much the street lamps looked like spaceships.
Russell Downs
Some from Thursday
Russell Downs
One of our cats
Russell Downs

Kate Clark
These are some photos from Thursday night's practical
Steven Fox

Chaz Clark
Here's a few from last nights Abstract Night
Chaz Clark
Another one of the images taken over Christmas from the New Forest which i like
Gary Neville
Here's a few from last nights "Abstracts" workshop:
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