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  • quant_2_20130727_1156413046.jpg
  • through_the_water_20130727_1020466332.jpg
  • white_knights_20131020_1875126506.jpg
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  • Winchester.jpg
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We are a lively and thriving club supporting photographers of all levels from beginner to expert who all share a passion of creating wonderful images.

The club has been known as "Andover Split Image Photographic Society" or ASIPS for some 35 years. Many of our new members would be puzzled by the term "Split Image" so in 2014 it was decided to bring matters up to date and re-identify the club as simply "Andover Photographic Club".

The aim of the club is to provide a friendly and stimulating environment to encourage photographers of all levels of ability to enjoy what they do and to support them in acquiring new skills. We support film and embrace the digital age.

Each year’s programme of events includes skill learning sessions in colour, monochrome and digital photography with talks and demonstrations from visiting professionals.

Many of our members draw their enjoyment solely from the wide range of speakers and seeing the work of others. For those who wish to submit their work for assessment the society provides a wide range of club and interclub competitions.  We also run a programme of practical learning and hands-on sessions.

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Steven Fox

Chris Talbot
Twilight's Last Gleaming.
Chris Penney
Colour of autumn.
Steven Musgrove
The fallen
Steve Amey
At the Fair
Russell Downs
Some from Monday edited
Chaz Clark
Whilst processing this image i liked that it came out almost like a cartoon
Chris Kienborts
Hi I recently joined this group here but haven't posted any images yet. I have taken all of these over the past month. Would love to come along to one of your meetings here in Andover. I have been impressed with many of the images on here so far and look forward to meeting you.
Chris Talbot
The Roots of the Forest.
Chris Talbot
From Weymouth not Monday Night
Russell Downs
Selection from Monday
Chris Talbot
London's Smallest Opera House.
Chris Talbot
Where the wild things are..
Stephen Govan
Good fun last night, and although I think I would have had a better success rate if I had taken my 10-20mm lens, it was well worth while. Many thanks to the organiser.
Chris Talbot
Chris Talbot
Brick Lane London.
Ellie Taylor
Kingfisher at Blashford Lakes
Chris Penney
Pub singer.
Chaz Clark
Having some fun in a Hall of Mirror's At Wookey Hole with Kate
Chaz Clark
Ellie asked me for great local lakes for wild bird photography around Salisbury area and as I'd typed these places out thought I'd share with you all on our page. 1st is on A36 at Steeple Langford up Nr. A303 junction it's the lakes one of the club members spoke about called Langford Lakes. Can be very good. 2nd a bit further down A303 to the A350 head towards Warminster just past Longbridge Deverill there is a left had turning which is signposted Crockerton On and two lakes called Sheerwater. Last time we went there there was cormorants grebes egrets and others 3rd you can go through Wilton pick up at Barford St.Martin the Dinton road B3089 there's a small lake at Teffont Evias look at a map to find or carry on B3089 till Fonthill Bishop on left you have a big archway signposted Tisbury go that way on your left a big lake called Fonthill Lake Hope this gives you a few places to try out
Chris Talbot
One Man & His Cigar.
Will Delves
John put up our selection for the SCPF print league the other day. Here's our selection for the DPI league.
Chaz Clark
This is my 1st attempt at freezing the water which i'm quite happy with considering this was a 1 second exposure leaning on a fence and no filter, Adjusted it in Lightroom then put it through Viveza 2 in Nik Efex.
Chris Talbot
Hengistbury Head
John Randall
I have sent our SCPF Print League panel and here is the selection
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