Club Newsletter 13

Last Week

On Thursday we were due to have a guest speaker Matt Doggett and we were disappointed that he had to cancel on the morning due to ill health.  We moved the planned session from 23 January “You’re the Judge”.  Our very own judge, John Randall gave an interesting brief on the challenges of judging and then each member who wanted to critique an image had the opportunity to do so.  It was interesting, and there was a robust exchange of views on some images and on competition images in general.

Next Week

No focus group on Monday, instead members are encouraged to support the club in the Mix and Match competition at Oakley commencing at 7.30pm.  There is limited parking and car sharing is advisable.  This is a great fun evening.

On Thursday we have our annual Christmas buffet and panel competition.  The subject for the panel is “Food and Drink”.  Bags of scope for interesting panels.  The requirement is for a panel of 4-6 images.  Images can be individually presented or mounted on a board maximum size A1.  As there is a general election on the same day, we will be in the Lounge Bar of the Enham Club (the room sometimes called the back room).

Coming Soon

Christmas!  Swiftly followed by New Year. The first session after the break is on 9 January where we will have Will and Chris’s Post Christmas Lecture.

SCPF League Update

We are competing in the PDI league and Print League within the SCPF.  We are in League

5 (of 5) in the Print competition.  So far success has eluded us and we have come last in both rounds held so far.  We are in League 6 (of 7) of the PDI competition, we are doing better here and are lying in 2nd place after one round.

Technique Tip

Photographing birds is not something that appeals to everyone, but I like it! I have come across a series by Tim Boyer. First one is Photographing Birds in Flight, which I found useful, if interested it can be found here:


Part 3: RPS

The image below shows a summary of judges’ comments at RPS distinction submissions.

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