Some of our club members share a bit of information about themselves, and links to their personal sites.

WillDelves Selfpic blackandwhite

Will Delves

I started getting interested in photography by taking it up for underwater photography - talk about in at the deep end. I learnt a lot of the theory while doing underwater stuff, progressing to a decent compact that gave me manual control.

After borrowing a friend's SLR for an afternoon I was hooked, and ended up getting one myself, and never looked back. My favourite type of photography is landscape, though I'll have a got at most things.

Personal sites: Blipfoto (365 project) / 500px / Flickr

Selfpic EstherGumn

Esther Gumn

I am passionate about photography, my father is a photographer, my daughter is a photographer, it must be in my genes!

I spent a few successful years doing City & Guilds and A level photography working with film in the darkroom then I became aware of ASIPS - I have been a member for about 13 years now and on the committee for about 8 years. I have always maintained that I have learnt far more from the club than I ever learnt at college! The club has gone from strength to strength and I can honestly say it has never been as good as it is now. We have gained lots of new members and because I am not technical I am loving the new practical sessions held fortnightly on a Monday, they are great fun - whether you are a new member or old there is always something new to learn.

Personal sites: TBC

Selfpic DavidMatthews

David Matthews

When I retired I purchased a compact digital camera. I had always enjoyed photography but had never taken it seriously. A new toy and time to use it soon changed that and it was not long before the compact was upgraded to a digital SLR.

Encouraged by fellow members and by what I have learnt as a result of my membership of ASIPS I applied for my Licentiate distinction from the RPS in June of 2013 and was successful.

My main interests are wildlife, sports and covering almost any type of event.

Personal site: Clatford Photography


Pete Williams

I have only been a photographer for a few years, after having a DSLR thrust into my hands and being told I was the regiment's photographer. This "dicking" (as we like to call it in the military) soon blossomed into something of a passion.

My knowledge and kit expanded rapidly through being given jobs that I had no idea how to cover. I had to learn on the job, or fail miserably. Things rapidly moved on and now, after three years, I have found myself working in a multitude of environments both in and out of the military.

My camera has taken me through a roller coaster of my own and other people's emotions. Joy and celebration at weddings and social events, success and failure at sporting matches, new born love at baby shoots and pain and misery in Afghanistan, and I wouldn't part with my magic picture box for all the Whisky in Scotland... and I love Whisky.

Personal sites: Main personal site / Facebook business page / Lighting group

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John Randall

I started being serious about photography in 1971 when I bought my first SLR camera , I joined ASIPS in 1981 as it was starting up and helped with getting the club off the ground and running. I became secretary and have held that post continuously for the last 34 years during which time I have watched the club develop and grow.

The changes from the beginning up till now have been astounding. From the days of producing 36 mainly black & white images in the dark room using chemicals, up to today where we process several hundred images at a time in our PC's with the ability to instantly view the results. Then the new skills of digital processing where we can edit and alter images to achieve whatever we want. They use to say the camera never lies (It does now!)

Needless to say, having in my younger days enjoyed competing in rallying and grasstrack sidecar racing, my main photographic interest is motorsport. Additionally, thanks to my wife's interests, equestrian 3 day eventing. I love Wales so Landscapes also play their part.


Steve Lindley

I have always been interested in photography since buying my first camera in 1964. Primarily as a record of family, places and people. My “record photography” continued up to my retirement in 2010 after which I joined the club and devoted more time to learning how to create and process more notable images.

Despite travelling around much of the Middle East, Asia and N. America during my career, it wasn't always possible to carry or use a camera so sadly I have a lot more memories than photos!

I have another lifetime hobby - Aeromodelling. I am a member of the Middle Wallop Model Flying Club and following fast moving small aircraft over the years has sharpened my action photography skills.

I have immensely enjoyed my time with Andover Photography Club, learnt a lot and met some wonderful people.

Personal site: Flickr