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  • "Timed Exposure" Evening

    The 2019 "Timed Exposure" members' AVI presentation evening on 4th October was judged by our own John Randall. Click here to view the results of John's assessment.

  • 2018/19 Monochrome Competition

    The 2018/19 season Print & PDI Monochrome Competition was held on 11th October 2018 Click here to view the results to date

  • 2018-19 Bi-Monthly League Results

    Three of four rounds completed and it's wide open! The final round is scheduled for 4th April and our judge is Barbara Holder. Make sure you get your entries in on time! Click here to view the results to...

  • Dave Charlton receives recognition

    Dave was presented with his SCPF Roll of Honour during the club night on 13th December. It was presented to him in recognition of his contribution to our club over the years. See full article....

  • Family Outing (Wildlife)_Advanced_Steve Lindley.jpg
  • Double Fungi (Nature)_Primary_Bob Carter.jpg
  • Ready to Fish (Wildlife)_Primary_Steven Musgrove.jpg
  • Sleeping Swan_Advanced_Chaz Clark.jpg
  • Will it Won't it_Advanced_Steve Davies.JPG
  • A Glass Half Full_Primary_Isobel Randal.jpg
  • African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) (Wildlife)_Advanced_Rod Cotton.jpg
  • Mad March Hares (Wildlife)_Advanced_Esther.jpg.jpg
  • At the Water Tap_Advanced_Esther  Gallimore LRPS.jpg
  • Cormorant (Wildlife)_Primary_Kate Clark.jpg
  • Migrant Hawker (Nature)_Advanced_Chaz Clark.jpg
  • Bands and Regressions_Advanced_Steve Davies.jpg
  • into the mist _advanced_steven fox.jpg
  • A city haven (Nature)_Primary_Ellie Taylor.jpg
  • Common Darter (Nature)_Advanced_Chaz Clark .jpg
  • Spinaker Tower_Advanced_Steve Amey.jpg
  • Nuts for Breakfast (Wildlife)_Advanced_Steve Amey.JPG
  • The Hipster Goat at Fort Rowner (Nature)_Primary_Richard James.jpg
  • Red Deer_Advanced_David Matthews LRPS.jpg
  • Blackbird (Wildlife)_Primary_Kate Clark.jpg
  • Hands of God_Primary_Nick  Williams.JPG
  • Swans on the Test (Wildlife)_Advanced_David Matthews LRPS.jpg
  • The Seer_Primary_Richard James.jpg
  • Walking The Beach_Advanced_Richard Shepherd.jpg
  • Flower in Motion_Primary_Linda Gates.jpg
  • Cheddar Gorgeous_Primary_Steven Musgrove.jpg
  • Woody with Dinner (Wildlife)_Primary_Bob Carter.jpg
  • Autumn (Nature)_Advanced_David Matthews LRPS.jpg
  • Max_Primary_Nick Williams.JPG
  • Food for the Kids (Wildlife)_Advanced_Richard Shepherd.jpg
  • Stourhead Lake_Primary_Les Reeves.jpg
  • Sycamore (Nature)_Primary_Suzanne Webber.jpg
  • Gymnadenia conopsea (Nature)_Advanced_Steve Amey.JPG
  • Drying Out (Wildlife)_Advanced_Steve Lindley.jpg
  • Now Where's That Spanner__Primary_Isobel Randall.jpg
  • Pheasant (Wildlife)_Primary_Suzanne Webber.jpg
  • Wren (Wildlife)_Primary_Ellie Taylor.jpg
  • When the Rain Came_Advanced_Chris Talbot.jpg
  • What Light..._Advanced_Chris Talbot.jpg
  • Pygmy Seahorse (Wildlife)_Advanced_Will Delves.jpg
  • Ladybird Larvae (Wildlife)_Primary_Linda Gates.jpg
  • The Herd_Primary_Richard James.jpg
  • Cormorant Gathering_Advanced_Richard Shepherd.jpg
  • Heron_Advanced_Chaz Clark.jpg
  • Anemonefish (Wildlife)_Advanced_Will Delves.jpg
  • Cormorant_Primary_Kate Clark.jpg
  • Great Crested Grebe (Wildlife)_Primary_Richard James.jpg
  • Autumn Fungus_Advanced_David Matthews LRPS.jpg

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